Standard International Shipping (SAL Parcel)


The Standard Int'l Shipping: SAL Parcel rate shown is the cost to ship the item via standard postal service shipping methods (SAL Parcel class if available to your country, or Airmail Parcel class if your country cannot receive SAL class), and has a SAL Parcel registration number with rudimentary tracking ability. In the shopping cart, you can use the country pulldown in the shipping information box to see shipping costs for any country you prefer. Also, please note that:

  • Depending on your location, the cost of SAL Parcel shipping may actually be higher than that of express EMS shipping, even though EMS is faster and has a tracking number.
  • The tracking ability of the SAL Parcel registration number is minimal, sometimes not much more than a record of when the package leaves Japan, when it enters your country, and when it is delivered. For more robust tracking, please select a trackable method such as EMS, FedEx, or DHL.
  • The exact method used to ship your order may vary by country, depending on service availability.
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