How do I ship to a friend?


First, please be aware that depending on your country's import laws, your friend may be asked to pay import tax upon delivery -- even if you are sending the package as a gift to them. Please see our page about import duty and tax for more information.

Currently, we are only able to support one account-wide shipping address at a time. You'll need to update your address to ship to your friend. When you're ready, please read through this article about account changes and update your shipping address. As explained in that article, we cannot temporarily change the name in your account.

Because addresses are account-wide, please do not ship packages intended for multiple destinations at the same time. The address for your order is only locked once the shipping label is printed. Because this is the final step of the packing process, you'll need to wait until you receive a shipping notice for your friend's order before changing your address back to your own.

For best results, we recommend using our Private Warehouse handling method so that you can make sure there are no other shipments being processed for you at the same time as your friend's shipment.

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