I can't see the shipping cost before I order


Shipping estimates are shown in the shopping cart for items that actually can be calculated (future-release items may not have size or weight information yet, and cannot be calculated). Shipping fees for orders will also be shown during the check-out process, and also in your Private Warehouse for stored items that you have already paid for and want to group together for shipping. You may check shipping fees by entering the checkout process without buying the items. Again, items that do not yet have size and weight info cannot be calculated. 

Please understand that there may be limits to the size of packages that can be shipped. These limits may be set by your country's post office, or it may be physically impossible to ship many large items in one box.  In such cases, your order may have to be shipped in more than one box; we reserve the right to do so if necessary, and apologize for any inconvenience.

Shipping calculations may not be available for extremely oversized items, and will not show on the site. In such cases, please contact us. We will calculate the shipping costs for these special items and arrange for shipment. Please note that these items can only be shipped by themselves; other items cannot be added.

We will attempt to combine separately-placed Ship Now orders if they are placed within a few hours of each other, or were ordered at different times (maybe even months apart) but happen to come into stock at the same time. Orders will not be combined if placed with different shipping methods. 

If you absolutely do not want your orders to be combined, please select Private Warehouse to be able to control the contents of your shipments.

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