Can you declare this as a gift or with a lower value?


Please understand that the full value of your purchase will be displayed on the customs label on the outside of the package. There are no exceptions. False customs declarations are a crime, and HobbyLink Japan plays by the rules. We depend on good relations with the post office to get packages to our customers. The postal agents in many countries, especially the ones here in Japan, are also familiar with our company and know that we don't ship gifts.

To USA Customers: There are no taxes, duties or tariffs on the import of hobby products or toys into the USA. You will not pay any extra to buy from us. 

If you order ships by FedEx, you may be required by Customs to submit a free TSCA form for some ink-related items, however. Please see our FedEx page for more details. 

To Customers in Other Countries: While we sympathize with you, especially those persons in some S. American countries who pay import duties of up to 60%, taxes are a part of life and you will simply have to add these costs into your purchase planning when you decide whether or not to use our service. Please note that since importers in your country also have pay these same taxes, and also tend to mark the price of the merchandise up significantly, we think you'll find that buying from us is cheaper than buying locally even when you add in the cost of import duties. 

NOTE: Please be aware that in all cases the customer is responsible for paying these fees and for providing any and all documents required by Customs; failure to pay fees or provide documents will result in the package being sent back to us, at our initial expense.  The customer will then be held responsible for that cost and all return shipping costs, non-payment of which will result in the customer's open orders being cancelled and the customer's account being locked. If a reship is requested, those shipping fees will also be charged.

NOTE: Mexican Customs may require something called a "Sanitary Permit," which must be obtained and provided by the customer.

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