Changing or Canceling a Processing Order


Customers are free to cancel any items or change the shipping method of orders they have placed with us up to the time it enters payment processingMy Account can be used to place these requests quite easily.

After an order enters payment processing, it unfortunately isn't possible to add any items to that order, nor can any items be exchanged or substituted. If an order has not yet been paid for, you can contact us to have us manually cancel line items, change the shipping method to another method we offer for an order of that size and value, or cancel the entire order.

However, after an order has been paid for and is being prepared for shipping, items cannot be removed, added, or substituted; orders cannot be cancelled or combined; and shipping methods cannot be changed.

At this point in the process, we ask you to go through with your original order and accept the merchandise. If a payment problem is going to prevent you from completing your order, please contact us. This is a standard policy for the mail-order industry, and we ask you to respect it when you place an order with us.

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