Combining Orders


Orders for in-stock items for which you have selected "Ship Now" cannot be manually combined once you click the "Place Order" button. (Our order system combines "Ship Now" orders if they are placed within a few hours of each other, or if they were placed at different times but have the same shipping method and their items come into stock at the same time.) Any paid items in your Private Warehouse, however, can be combined with each other for shipment. "Ship Now" orders are unfortunately not possible to combine with "Private Warehouse" orders, so for your best chance for items to ship together, just go to My Account and change the open order from "Ship Now" to "Private Warehouse." You will be charged for the items as they become available, and they will move to your Private Warehouse, where you can then combine them for shipment.  

  • It is not possible to change an order's handling method from "Private Warehouse" to "Ship Now," or vice versa, after the order has entered payment processing. At that point, the order has already been processed by the handling method you selected.
  • Shipping methods and order contents cannot be changed once an order has been paid for and entered shipping processing. 
  • Contents of Private Warehouse shipments cannot be changed once a shipping request has been made and the order enters shipping processing. 
  • Shipping methods are set on a per-order basis. You can have different shipping methods on different orders, at your discretion. There is no account-wide default shipping method, so you will need to choose a shipping method for each of your orders as you complete the checkout process.
  • The shipping address cannot be changed on a shipment that has already been shipped for SAL and EMS shipments. For DHL Express and FedEx Economy shipments, we can contact DHL or FedEx and request an address change for packages already en route, but for each request, DHL charges 2,000 yen and FedEx charges 1,200 yen. So for DHL Express or FedEx Economy shipments, you can change the address of an already shipped package, but it will cost you 2,000 yen (DHL) or 1,200 yen (FedEx) to do so.  
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