An item has disappeared from your site!


We don't remove any items from our database, even when they're discontinued and no longer available. But items that are "discontinued" or on "order stop" status are no longer available for order, so they don't show up when you search using the Quick Search from the top page of our site.

The best way to see the items we stock is to  use our web site's powerful Advanced Search function:

Even when you're searching for available items, the Advanced Search is a powerful engine that allows you to search using many criteria including keyword, manufacturer, availability, product type -- even the item code if you know it. Give it a try!

Don't forget to check your spelling when you're searching, using either the Quick Search or the Advanced Search, to ensure that you're using the search function accurately. And be sure to select "All items" in the "Availability" section of the search page. That will trigger the search to include discontinued items. 

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