Paying in Japanese yen


We're located in Japan, so our products are priced in Japanese yen. If you pay by credit card via PayPal, PayPal will charge your credit card in yen and will do the currency exchange for you. Your card statement will show both the original yen amount that we charged, as well as the conversion to your local currency. If you pay via a PayPal account, you just select yen as the payment currency on their website.

On HLJ's product pages, just hold your mouse over any price to see conversions from Japanese yen into dollars, euros and other currencies. These prices are provided for your reference only. Your final cost may vary somewhat from the price shown, depending on exchange rate fluctuations and your card issuer or PayPal.

NOTE: Due to international exchange rate fluctuations between the Japanese yen and your country's currency, prices in your country's currency may change from the time you place an order to the time you are actually charged for it. The yen price does not change. The yen price at the time you placed the order is the price you will be charged. PayPal or your credit card company will handle the exchange to Japanese yen, and there may be a fee for this. Please consult with PayPal or your credit card company for details. 

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