Shipping from Japan


Since shipping usually involves crossing one or more oceans, it naturally costs more than domestic mail-order, but our Private Warehouse system, which allows you to combine or split orders for shipping as you see fit, can help you keep costs down. Expect delivery times of 10-30 business days* for Standard shipments, 2-7 business days for Express shipments, 1-3 business days for DHL Express, and 2-5 business days for FedEx Economy courier shipments to most countries.

 Summaries of the shipping methods we offer are available to give you a good idea of costs and to help you choose the shipping method that best meets your needs. 

* A business day is a week day, excluding Japanese national holidays.

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    G King

    Trouble reaching you! My name is Gregory King and a relatively new customer. A short time ago I suffered a stroke and spent too long a time in hospital. Currently I am undergoing physical and cognitive therapy. My right side is most affected -face, neck & shoulder and right side leg and foot. I have a terrible time speaking & eating.
    During my time in hospital I had a friend attempt to access my account. I tried today for nearly 1 hour, and had to reset my password to the same password! I had asked my friend to cancel my order (I believe it was within the time limit) but he could not find the process description. I had trouble myself, but I have only 1 hand -for the time being. I am asking that you consider making an exception to your stated policies re: warehouse, returns, etc. Even an instore credit would leave me disappointed since my joy of model building appears to be out of reach! [pun is intentional]. I am optimistic that a full -or partial, recovery is within reach. Realistically, if possible it's one or more years away. Age is a problem in recovering from a stroke. I am 65. Again, I would greatly appreciate your (favourable) consideration. Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Gregory King

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    David Lopez

    Disculpa cualquiera de los envios es confiable o con el envio mas economico hay un riesgo de que el articulo se pueda estraviar