Availability of Items


Many of the items shown on our pages are almost always in stock, but some of the figures and toys are either low-production collectibles, "garage kits," or other items which are only manufactured once or very infrequently! The stock status of the items in our database is currently shown in our search engine results, and after you place an order, you can check the availability of what you've ordered in the Open Orders section of your HLJ account information, using My Account (accessible by clicking "My Account" on the top right of pages on http://www.hlj.com).

We do have more information about availability and item page stock status displays. Availability of hobby products can be spotty, but unlike most online stores, we're happy to accept orders for currently out-of-stock items, and then watch backorders for our customers, shipping when things do become available, even if that means waiting for months.

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