All About Private Warehouse


When you select Private Warehouse during checkout, all in-stock items will be allocated to you and charged when your order enters payment processing. Instead of shipping immediately, though, the paid items will become visible in your virtual Private Warehouse, where you can later combine them with other items and have them shipped as you wish.

These items are yours, and we'll store them here in the HLJ warehouse for you for up to 60 days after their allocation.

You can then go to your Private Warehouse and combine or split orders, change shipping methods, decide exactly when to ship, and basically control all aspects of having the items shipped to you. This is great for customers concerned about keeping per-shipment costs down for customs reasons, consolidating orders for more efficient shipping, or for anybody who wants to be in complete control of what gets shipped, when, and how.

Important details about Private Warehouse:

  • When your order enters payment processing, the cost of the item only will be charged for in-stock items. (Shipping fees will not be charged until later, when a Private Warehouse shipment is created.)

  • For preorders and restock items, charges for the cost of the item only will be charged when it becomes available. (Again, shipping fees will not be charged until later, when a Private Warehouse shipment is created.)

  • Shipping fees will be charged separately later, when a Private Warehouse shipment is created.
  • It is not possible to change an order's handling method from "Private Warehouse" to "Ship Now," or vice versa, after the order has entered payment processing. At that point, the order has already been processed by the handling method you selected.
  • A paid item can stay in your Private Warehouse for up to 60 days after its allocation. The 60-day period begins when the item has been allocated to you (this happens when the item first enters payment processing). You're welcome to combine it for shipping with other paid items that enter your Private Warehouse during that time.

  • Shipping methods and payment methods can be chosen individually per shipping order. 

  • The Private Warehouse is virtual, not actual, so while we ensure that we always have stock of the item you have ordered to fill your order, we do not hold an exact piece. Your order will be filled with the stock we have on hand at the time you request shipping. 
  • Please understand that if Private Warehouse's 60-day clock runs out, shipment of paid items in Private Warehouse for longer than 60 days is an automated process. Time extensions are unfortunately not possible.
  • If you make a mistake in creating a Private Warehouse shipment, we can manually cancel the shipment for you (contact us) if the oldest item was in Private Warehouse 53 days or less.

  • A Private Warehouse shipment cannot be altered if any of its contents were in Private Warehouse longer than 53 days, or if it is an automated shipment of items in Private Warehouse longer than 60 days. In these cases, the shipment can either be shipped, or cancelled and its contents returned to stock for store credit of 85% of the item amount.
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