Private Warehouse 60-Day Limit


A paid item can stay in your Private Warehouse for up to 60 days after its allocation to you. The 60-day period begins when the item has been allocated to you (this happens when the item first enters payment processing). You're welcome to combine it for shipping with other paid items in your Private Warehouse during that time.

If Private Warehouse's 60-day clock runs out, shipment of paid items in Private Warehouse for longer than 60 days is an automated process. Any paid items in Private Warehouse for longer than 60 days will be automatically grouped together to be sent by our choice of shipping method, you will be charged for the shipping, and the items will be shipped. Additions or changes cannot be made to automated shipments of paid items that were in Private Warehouse for more than 60 days.

Please note that time extensions are unfortunately not possible.

If paid items in your Private Warehouse are approaching the 60-day limit, we will notify you by email.

If you do not pay the requested shipping for these automatic shipments, the orders will be cancelled, the items will be returned to stock, and you will be given store credit (no cash refunds) of 85% of the items'  purchase price. The store credit will be applied to your next purchases.



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