Changing Your Shipping Address


Just log in to My Account and select the link for updating your shipping address.

Please note that HobbyLink Japan manages only one shipping address at a time per customer. If you need a particular shipment sent to a different address than your usual one, you will need to change your address to the one-time location, and then wait to change it back until after the order has been shipped. (After you receive the shipping notice, you can safely change your address back without affecting the shipment.) Also please note that all of your outstanding orders will be affected if you input a shipping address change, except those that are shown as "recently shipped" in My Account.

After an order has been shipped by SAL, Registered SAL, or EMS class, it is not possible to change its shipping address. The package is on its way to you at the shipping address in your HLJ account at the time the shipping label was printed as the final step of shipping preparation. To receive your package, please make any needed arrangements with your local post office.

For DHL Express or FedEx Economy shipments, we can contact DHL or FedEx and request an address change for packages already en route, but for each request, DHL charges 2,000 yen and FedEx charges 1,200 yen. So for DHL Express or FedEx Economy shipments, you can change the address of an already shipped package, but it will cost you 2,000 yen (DHL) or 1,200 yen (FedEx) to do so.  

Overseas Customers: Please be sure to enter your address using the English alphabet (A-Z). Accented characters and characters from other languages, such as Chinese, may not display properly and could result in your package being returned to us.
Customers residing in Japan may use Japanese characters for their addresses.

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    Sulaiman T. Al-Awadhi

    How Do I Change My Country From Kuwait To USA ?

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    Aaron Miller

    Hello, Sulaiman,

    The Account Details section of the My Account system (accessible by clicking ""My Account"" on the top right of pages on ) will allow you to update everything in your shipping address except the country.

    After you enter your new shipping address, please reply, or write us at to let us know, and we'll then be able to manually update your country as requested.