How much do I pay, and when?


As soon as we know exactly what we can charge you for (i.e., in-stock items that you requested to be shipped immediately or moved to your Private Warehouse, or automatic shipments of items in Private Warehouse more than 60 days), your order will enter payment processing. At that point the stock will be allocated to you, and our order department will automatically send you an e-mail explaining how much to pay, and how to pay it. After we've confirmed your payment, your paid order will be shipped from Japan, or will become visible in your Private Warehouse, as you requested in selecting your order's handling method. Until orders are processed, feel free to keep track of them using My Account on our web site.

Because of these steps, one-time PayPal payments may delay shipping a few days and are less convenient for you. We suggest you set up a PayPal Billing Agreement to preauthorize your future payments to us. You can do this as part of the normal checkout process on your next order.

You can also pay by any major credit card on a per-order basis via PayPal without creating a PayPal account. Simply choose "Checkout with PayPal or a credit card when your order is ready" during checkout, or via My Account like any other e-commerce site. Please note again that this must be done on a per-order basis.

If our online order status system says that we are waiting for your payment, but you have not received a notice from us explaining how much and how to pay, then please let us know and we'll send you a new payment request.

If we do not receive payment or contact from you within seven days, that order as well as all of your outstanding orders will be canceled, and your account as well as any related accounts may be disabled. If you are having a temporary payment problem, make sure you contact us as quickly as possible to tell us about the problem to avoid cancellation of your orders and disabling of your account.


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