When will I be billed?


Like any reputable mail-order company, HobbyLink Japan only charges customers for their orders when items are in stock and actually preparing to ship or become visible in your Private Warehouse. So even if you place a preorder for merchandise that has not yet been released, we won't charge your credit card via PayPal or your PayPal account (if you have a billing agreement in place) until it can be shipped. Please note that you will be charged or billed immediately for any in-stock items you order whether you choose Ship Now or Private Warehouse

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT LATE PAYMENTS: As any business does, we expect our customers to make payments in a timely manner when their order is ready. If more than seven days pass from the time we alert a customer to a payment issue without the problem being resolved, and without contact from the customer, that order as well as all of the customer's outstanding orders will be canceled, and their account as well as any related accounts may be disabled. We ask that customers who are having a temporary payment problem contact us as quickly as possible to work out a solution and avoid cancellation of their orders.

NOTICE ABOUT SHIPPING ADDRESS: Orders will be shipped to the address you register in your HLJ account, not the address you have registered in your PayPal account. Be sure the address you have registered with us is the one you want your packages sent to. You can check and change your address in My Account

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    Thank you very much for placing an order with HobbyLink Japan. This message is to confirm that we have received the following order and are now processing it.

    Customer ID: 512939 (Tom Rosado)

    Shipping Address:
    Tom Rosado
    666 Courtlandt Ave Apt 1-B
    Bronx, NY 10451

    Order No.: 09632378

    Shipping Method: SAL

    Item Code
    Item Name
    Price Total
    Price EVT57191 VF-2SS Valkyrie Silvie Gena Custom 1 ¥12,400 ¥12,400 Merchandise Total: ¥12,400 Shipping: ¥1,280 Total: ¥13,680
    (I clicked on pay now but clicked on ship when available when the item is available now on Sale but have NOT been billed yet and I'm afraid to relic on the order and get charged a 2nd time PLEASE Help)