When will you ship my order?


Orders are shipped from HobbyLink Japan when:

  • You select Ship Now during checkout and your order has in-stock merchandise.
  • You request a shipment of items from your Private Warehouse.
  • More than 60 days pass from the time an item was paid for and entered your Private Warehouse.
  • Preordered or backordered items come into stock, and you selected Ship Now when you placed the order.

When you choose Private Warehouse during checkout, those items will be charged and moved to your Private Warehouse. You can then combine or split orders as you please and have them shipped at your discretion.  You will be charged for the shipping at that time.

As stated above, items will automatically be shipped if they are left in your Private Warehouse for over 60 days (you will be notified by email prior to any such shipments). You can sign in to your HLJ account to track the status of your orders with us, and make a decision at any time about whether you want to request a shipment from your Private Warehouse.

Once an order enters shipping processing, typical turnaround time is 24-48 hours. There may be delays in shipping in the case of weekend or holiday office closures, high-volume holiday seasons, or during sales when many packages are proceeding through shipping preparation at our warehouse.

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