All About Ship Now (a.k.a. Ship When Available)


When "Ship Now" is selected (NOTE: during checkout, the button is actually labeled "Ship When Available" to cover both in-stock and not currently in-stock items), all currently in-stock items will be processed for shipping when your order enters payment processing. At that time your credit card via PayPal or PayPal Billing Agreement will be charged (payment requests will be sent to regular PayPal users), and after payment has been verified, the items will be on their way. For preorder/restock items, this setting will greenlight them to be billed and shipped as soon as they come into stock. With this option, once you place the order, you are done (unless you need to manually pay with a regular PayPal transaction). After that, all you have to do is wait for your goodies to arrive!

Important details about Ship Now:

  • Only applicable to in-stock items (can also be set for preorder/restock items, which will then ship immediately upon arrival into stock). 

  • You will be charged for both the cost of the item and shipping fees.

  • Changes are not possible once the order's available items enter payment processing. 

  • It is not possible to change an order's handling method from "Private Warehouse" to "Ship Now," or vice versa, after the order has entered payment processing. At that point, the order has already been processed by the handling method you selected.

  • Preorder/restock items set for Ship Now will be charged for the item price and shipping fee as soon as they come into stock. Until that time, you can modify those items. 

  • We will attempt to combine separately-placed Ship Now orders if they are placed within a few hours of each other, or were ordered at different times (maybe even months apart) but happen to come into stock at the same time. Orders will not be combined if placed with different shipping methods. NOTE: If you absolutely do not want your orders to be combined, please select Private Warehouse to be able to control the content of shipments.  

  • IMPORTANT: Since all in-stock items will be processed immediately, orders for multiple pieces of a single "In Stock" item may be shipped with less than the number you ordered if there is not enough stock to fulfil the entire order. The in-stock portion of the order will be processed while the remainder will become a separate open order which will be processed once the stock comes in. Example: You order 3 of a certain "In Stock" item, but we only have two in stock. Those two would be processed immediately while the third would be processed once we get more stock of the item. Please pay close attention when placing your order, as the exact amount of items to be shipped will be shown during checkout. 

  • Cancellation policy: Since processing of in-stock items with this method is immediate, cancellations are not possible. Returns are accepted as per our returns policy
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