Problem Resolution


HobbyLink Japan is committed to customer service and will promptly address any customer claims of shipping errors, damage, defects, missing items, etc. if you contact us within 10 days of delivery. Missing shipments are also replaced or refunds issued if our designated delivery period passes without your taking delivery of your order. Because we're committed to helping you, under no circumstances should you ever contact your credit card company or PayPal to dispute charges from HobbyLink Japan. We will solve all genuine customer service problems through refunds, reshipments, discounts or whatever else it takes to reach a fair solution to the problem, and that's our promise! But it's your job to promptly tell us a problem has occurred.

As such, not only will we vigorously contest any PayPal or credit card disputes or chargebacks filed by customers, but also, such customers may be blacklisted from using our service, meaning we will accept no further orders from them, ever. We also share information about blacklisted customers with other online merchants offering similar merchandise.

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