What is a PayPal Billing Agreement?


A PayPal Billing Agreement lets you pre-authorize all your payments with us, similar to leaving a credit card on file. With a PayPal Billing Agreement in place, your orders will be paid for immediately with no further action necessary on your part when they're ready to go!

Please be aware that as long as you have a PayPal Billing Agreement with us, you will not be able to receive payment requests via e-mail, even if you select "Checkout with PayPal or a credit card when your order is ready" during the order process. 

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    This sounds like you are saying that there is absolutely no difference between using a "PayPal Billing Agreement" and just using "Checkout with PayPal". So, what's the point of a "PayPal Billing Agreement" when there is no difference nor benefit there of? You need a far better explanation of the pros and cons of the "PayPal Billing Agreement" if you want customers to commit to an "agreement".

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    Aaron Miller

    Thank you for your input. It may help to know that orders are only processed for payment with us once a day, rather than immediately. Billing Agreements can be helpful if you don't happen to be available to take action yourself right when your order is processed for payment -- instead, our system does it for you, much like leaving a credit card on file.

    That said, we'll be considering revising this article, and appreciate your feedback!