I'm being asked to pay, but I've already paid for my order


If you've received an e-mail from us asking to pay for an order which you believe is already paid, please first confirm the following:

  • That you are not confusing separate orders (please check the unique order number)
  • That your original order was not accidentally duplicated or split, causing items ordered at the same time to be charged separately
  • That your payment request is not a bill for the shipping charge on an order with the merchandise cost already paid (note: shipping charges will be separate from merchandise charges on Private Warehouse orders)

If you still believe you are being asked to pay for an order that has already been paid, please check your PayPal account or PayPal confirmation e-mail for your payment's PayPal Unique Transaction ID number. Then, contact us from your HobbyLink Japan associated e-mail address, with your PayPal Unique Transaction ID number and your HLJ order number, and we'll be happy to investigate for you!

Please note that if you have not received a PayPal Unique Transaction ID number from PayPal, chances are that your payment did not clear. Even customers without a PayPal account should at least receive a confirmation e-mail from PayPal for credit card payments.

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