Returns, Refunds, & Cancellations


Always consult with us before returning any merchandise, regardless of the reason. If you contact us first, we always authorize returns of saleable-condition merchandise for any reason if made within 10 days of delivery for a cash refund for merchandise, although we will not refund the shipping charges necessary to return the item to us in Japan.

"Saleable condition" means the item is in like-new condition with all parts and components present, that it's packed exactly as packed by the manufacturer, and there is no damage to the outer package. Opened "blister pack," "blister card" or sealed "blind box" (collection-type/gashapon/capsule toy items) merchandise which cannot be opened without cutting or tearing the package or its seal cannot be returned.

If a return becomes necessary due to a shipping damage or a defect in the product, we will compensate you by cash refund for the merchandise and the shipping charges to return the item to Japan if you ship the item as directed by us. All claims for returns or refunds due to shipping damage or manufacturing defects must be made within 10 days of delivery. We reserve the right to reject claims of manufacturing defects on items in cases of obvious user abuse.

A package returned to us by the post office as undeliverable or unclaimed, or a package refused by the addressee for any reason, is not an authorized return. As such, it may not be eligible for a refund of the cost of merchandise, at our discretion.

The cost of shipping will never be compensated in the case of a package returned to us by the post office as undeliverable or unclaimed, or a package refused by the addressee for any reason. If your package has incurred freight charges for its return to us, you are responsible for reimbursing us for those charges. Returned international packages cannot be reshipped within Japan, and returned domestic packages cannot be reshipped internationally.

  • For cash refunds within 60 days of the date payment was made to HLJ, we will provide refunds in the currency and payment source originally used to complete the transaction or, if the customer prefers, as store credit in yen, at the current day’s exchange rate. Accepting a refund as store credit would avoid any fluctuations in exchange rates.

    After 60 days, or for reimbursement of a payment made to an entity other than HLJ (such as for return shipping costs), we will refund in yen by the customer’s choice of PayPal or store credit, at the current day’s exchange rate.

  • Please also note that HLJ does not cover any fees charged by your credit card company or PayPal when processing refunds. All such fees are the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • Depending on PayPal's policies in your country, there may be cases when we cannot send cash refunds to customers who paid without a PayPal account. In these cases, we will only be able to offer store credit refunds.
  • If a cash refund sent via PayPal is unclaimed or refused more than once, the amount will be refunded as store credit. Store credit cannot later be exchanged for PayPal credit card or normal PayPal refunds.
Private Warehouse cancellation policy: Private Warehouse items are already paid for, so they cannot be "cancelled." Private Warehouse items can be processed as returns, however, and we will issue a 100% cash refund for the cost of returned Private Warehouse merchandise up to 10 days from the original date of your payment. After 10 days a full refund is not possible, but we will issue an 85% store credit for the item amount, which will be applied to your next transactions. Once an item is shipped, returns are also possible as per our returns policy (see above).
NOTE: Items can remain in Private Warehouse up to 60 days. Items will be automatically grouped together to be sent by our choice of shipping method, the shipping charged, and the items shipped after 60 days. Also, additions or changes cannot be made to automated shipments of items that have been in Private Warehouse for more than 60 days. Please note that time extensions are not possible. If items in your Private Warehouse are approaching the 60-day limit, we will notify you by email. If you do not pay the requested shipping for these automatic shipments, the orders will be cancelled, the items will be returned to stock, and you will be given 85% store credit (no cash refunds) for the item amount, which will be applied to your next transactions.
Preorder cancellation policy: While we accept customers' cancellations of all or part of their order at any time prior to payment processing (this can be done in My Account), we ask that you keep cancellations to a minimum by avoiding heat-of-the-moment orders and making sure that you really want something before you click the "Add to Cart" button.  Overstocks due to customer cancellations affect our ability to offer great prices, so this is in everybody's interest! We reserve the right to limit or close the accounts of customers who abuse the cancellation policy, or abandon shippable orders without submitting payment. Once an order is shipped, it cannot be cancelled, but can be returned as described above. 
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