Tips for using our Search engine


Our powerful new search engine offers many of the same features and filters as our previous engine, as well as additional features that we hope will be helpful in your search for specific products. Here are some tips to help you find whatever you’re looking for!


Search for all of the items in one category:

On the homepage, select a category from the “All Categories” drop-down list on the left-hand side of the search box. Then press the “Go” button.

Search for items by series, manufacturer, scale, and/or item type:

Once you’re on a search results page, you can narrow down your search by using the filters on the left-hand side of the page.

To expand the list of series, manufacturers, scales, and/or item types, click in the “Search --- “ box for that filter. A drop-down list of filters will appear. For example, in a search for Gundam, clicking “Search Series” will bring up a list like this:

You can then scroll through and select one or more series to view from the list.

You can keep narrowing down your search with different filters until you’ve found exactly the type of items you want to browse!

To remove any individual series, manufacturers, item types, or scales you’ve selected, click the “ x “ next to it. To clear all selections from a filter, click “reset”.


Search for items in multiple categories:

Under the “Select Item Category” filter, click “more”.  

Additional categories will then be listed. Click to select the categories you want to use - you can select as many categories as you like!


You can also select multiple stock statuses the same way, using the “Select Stock Status” filter.


Search for discontinued items: 

To search for discontinued items, please use our Advanced Search tool, available here:

Type a keyword for the item you are looking for. Then, next to “Availability”, before sure to select “All items”. Finally, click the orange “Search” button.

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