Do you have a partnership, sponsorship, or affiliate program?


Affiliate Program

We do have an Affiliate Program! With our Affiliate Program, you can earn a commission when your links to our website generate sales.

You can learn about our Affiliate Program here: 

Sponsorship Program

Our Sponsorship Program is the system we use to provide physical products to individuals or organizations for promotional purposes.

Learn about our Sponsorship Program here:

Please understand in advance that we are not accepting solicitations for any of the following sponsorship plans: paid logo placement on a website, in a convention booklet, or in a magazine; paid physical advertisement space at an event; paid booth or guest appearance at an event; monetary donations for any other event functions or supplies; provision of products for social media accounts or  influencers; or any other format that does not fall under our aforementioned product provisions.


We are always seeking new digital advertising placements with websites that cater to audiences similar to our own. To qualify, your website must be related to the products we sell and must see at least 1,000 sessions per day. Please understand in advance that you will be asked to provide specific evidence of your website traffic in the form of screenshots from your website's analytics reports. 

We are not seeking advertising opportunities in print of any kind, or in mobile applications at this time.

If you have advertising space to sell on your website, and your website fits the above criteria, please use our contact form to send an inquiry.

Influencer Program

HobbyLink Japan does not currently have a program tailored specifically towards influencers. Please check out the Affiliate Program or Sponsorship Program instead.

Event Booths

We are unable to accept solicitations for booth rentals at international events.

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