Shipping from your Private Warehouse


When creating a shipment from your Private Warehouse, you can only ship to the Default Shipping Address on your account. Please make sure that the current Default Shipping Address in your account is the address that you wish to ship to.


If you would like to have it shipped to another address, you will need to create a new address and set it as the default shipping address in your account. This can be done through your Address Book in your HLJ Account. If you are having difficulties with this, please refer to our article on Updating Your Account Information. In the event you wish to change your Shipping Country, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you with this, as for security reasons we do not allow you to change your country through your account.


Once you have updated your Default Shipping Address, you will now be ready to create your Private Warehouse Shipment Request to have your package sent to your intended destination.

If this address is not one you usually ship to, don't forget to change your default address back to your original address after your order has shipped!


Admittedly this process is more confusing than it needs to be, and we are working on making changes to make this easier for you in the future.

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