Update to Shipping Options for Russia (FedEx)


We have some along-awaited good news for our Russian customers! We have been working directly with FedEx to bring our customers an option to ship safely and quickly.


HobbyLink Japan can now offer FedEx shipping to Russia if the following terms are met:


  • The addressee must be an individual and cannot be a company or commercial entity.
  • The total value of the order must be under 200 Euros (roughly 24,000 JPY) and less than 31kg. The total value refers to both the cost of merchandise and shipping costs combined.
  • A cell phone number that can receive SMS must be entered in your shipping address to be included on the shipping label.
  • A single order can only contain a maximum of four (4) different item codes. Multiple numbers of the same item are allowed, but the variety of items cannot exceed four.


Please read these conditions carefully. If all the above conditions are not adhered to when a shipment is created, the customer will be held liable for any additional cost due to return fees or import taxes. In addition, please note that any customs duties and fees incurred are the responsibility of the customer and will not be included in the initial cost of shipping.



Once your package is shipped, in order for it to clear customs you will receive an SMS or email directing you to a portal site called “Alta Personal Kabinet”. There you will need to provide the following:


  • First/Middle/Last Name in Cyrillic
  • Passport number
  • Broker empowerment confirmation (broker’s contract for clearance) 
  • Data privacy confirmation
  • Tax Identification number (“INN”)
  • Internet link to ordered items

You can find more information about our FedEx option by clicking here.

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