Making Changes to Your Order


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Changes to Open Orders

Before we have billed your order, you can freely make any of the following changes from your HLJ account: 

  • Removal of items
  • Reduction of item quantities
  • Change of handling method
  • Change of shipping method
  • Cancellation of full order

Customer information (shipping name, address, phone number, payment method) are account-wide. Any changes made to your customer information will apply to every order before it enters shipping processing.

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Changes to Processing Orders

After your order enters processing, changes are limited. The following changes can only be made by contacting HLJ customer support, and by assuring that payment does not clear on the order before we can complete your request: 

  • Change of shipping method
  • Removal of full line items
  • Cancellation of full order

After an order is in processing, item quantities and handling methods are locked and cannot be changed.

No changes can be made to any order once its shipping cost is paid and it has entered shipping processing.

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Adding Items to Existing Orders

Items cannot be added to existing orders. If your first order is still an open (unbilled) order, please place a new order for the additional items. We recommend selecting the Private Warehouse handling method for the best chance to ship items together. You will also need to make sure to change your previous order to the Private Warehouse handling method as well.

Once an order enters payment processing or shipping processing, it is not possible to add any items to an order, by any method.

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Combining Orders

Ship Now orders cannot be manually combined once the order is placed. However, our system combines Ship Now orders if they are placed within a few hours of each other, or if they were placed at different times but have the same shipping method and their items come into stock at the same time.

Any paid items in your Private Warehouse, however, can be combined with each other for shipment.

Ship Now and Private Warehouse orders cannot be combined. Orders will need to have the same handling method (and shipping method if applicable) to potentially be combined.

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Exchanging Items

We're very sorry, but it is not possible to substitute, switch, exchange, trade, or change an ordered item for a different item. Here are alternative solutions when you’d like to cancel one item and order a different one:

  • If your unwanted item is in an open order, please use sign in to your HLJ account to cancel the unwanted item. You will need to place a new order for the item you want.
  • If your unwanted item is in a processing order with a payment error, please ensure that payment will not clear on the order, and contact our customer support team to remove the item from the order. You will need to place a new order for the item you want.
  • If your unwanted item is in shipping processing, please carefully review our returns policy and contact customer support when your item reaches you. You will need to place a new order for the item you want.

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Cancelling Orders

We ask that customers place orders only for merchandise they are sure they want to buy, and keep cancellations to a minimum. If a cancellation is absolutely necessary, here's how to proceed:

  • Please review our cancellation policies.

  • If your order has not yet entered payment processing, just locate the order in My Account, and then follow the instructions on the screen.
  • If your order has encountered a payment error and you would prefer to cancel, please contact our customer service team to have the order cancelled. Please understand that if payment clears before customer support can cancel the order, it will not be possible to complete the cancellation.
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