Order Status


The status of a product as shown in your My Account page does not necessarily indicate the status of the order. Our order states are explained below.

Open Orders

When you first place an order, it is an open order. An open order is an order that is waiting to enter processing, and has not yet been billed.

Open orders for available items enter processing throughout the day. At that point, an open order becomes a processing order.

If your order is for a backordered item or preordered item, your order will remain an open order until the item comes into stock to fill your order.

Processing Orders

When your open order enters processing for payment and is billed, that order becomes a processing order.

After payment is received, the processing order either enters processing for shipment (if you've selected Ship Now for the handling method) or enters Private Warehouse (if you've selected Private Warehouse for the handling method).

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