Will my package be delivered directly to my door?


This depends on your local postal service or courier. HobbyLink Japan addresses all packages to the address on file with us when your order ships. The address which appears in your Shipping Notice email is the same address that is printed on your package's shipping label.

In most cases, packages are delivered directly to the address on the package. However, sometimes, packages are instead held for collection at a nearby post office or courier mail center. Usually, if your package is being held it is because customs duties or taxes are due before your package can be given to you. In some countries, these taxes may be payable when your package is delivered to your door instead.

Because we don't have full details about delivery procedures in every country, we recommend contacting your local post office, FedEx branch, or DHL branch, depending on the shipping method you've chosen. They should be able to give you more information about how your package will be received.

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