DHL Express


The DHL Express rate shown is the estimated cost to ship the item via DHL Express service.

When shipping via FedEx or DHL, be sure to include your phone number with your address for a smooth experience.

Helpful Hint: Unlike the post office, DHL shipping fees are calculated by volume, not weight. This makes them particularly reasonable for small, heavy packages, such as books, and for large, bulky shipments, compared to the postal service's rates. Be sure to compare estimates for the various available shipping methods! Shipments by DHL can be tracked on DHL's web site.  NOTE: DHL cannot ship to PO Box, APO, FPO or other military addresses.

If you need to change your address on a DHL package that has already shipped, you can take advantage of DHL's ODD service. It is free to use and is a painless way for you to update your address.

CUSTOMERS IN EUROPE: Please be aware that for all shipping methods there may be fees charged by other organizations working with your country's post office. You are responsible for paying these fees.

CUSTOMERS IN CANADA AND SOUTH AMERICA: Your country's Customs Office and/or your local DHL office may require special handling fees in addition to customs fees for imported items, which may be charged prior to or after delivery. You are responsible for paying these fees. 

CUSTOMERS IN THE USA: Please be aware that the US Customs Office may require a TSCA form or other documentation from you for shipments including ink or some non-toxic paints (such as Gundam Markers). Customs will supply the documents and instructions on how to fill them out, and there is no charge. 

In all cases, you are responsible for paying customs fees and for providing any and all documents required by Customs. Failure to pay fees or provide documents may result in the package being sent back to us, and you will be responsible for paying the additional fees and charges for the return shipment (which are often much more expensive than the original shipping cost).

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