Air Small Pack Identifier Number


Your Shipment's Number:

Please note that Air Small Pack is an unregistered shipping service, and tracking information is not provided by Japan Post directly. However, depending on your destination country, you may have access to tracking services through local postal authorities or courier partners.

Your package's unique identifier number will be provided upon shipment of your order, and can also be found from your account's Order History page. 

Local Tracking Services:

Some countries offer local tracking services for Air Small Pack shipments. These services utilize the unique identifier number provided on each Air Small Pack label. By contacting your local post office or courier service and providing them with this number, you may be able to inquire about the progress of your shipment within the destination country.

Customs Purposes:

In addition to tracking, the unique identifier number on the Air Small Pack label may be useful for customs purposes. You can provide this number to your local post office or customs authorities to facilitate any necessary customs clearance procedures or inquiries related to your shipment.

Contacting Local Post Office and Customs:

To obtain detailed tracking information or inquire about customs procedures, we recommend reaching out to your local post office or customs office in the destination country. They will have the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding shipments and any customs requirements you may need to fulfill.

Additional Considerations:

It's important to note that the availability and extent of tracking services can vary by country. Some countries may provide comprehensive tracking, while others may offer limited or no tracking options for Air Small Pack shipments. The level of tracking information provided may also vary, ranging from basic tracking updates to more detailed delivery progress.

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