Can you guarantee delivery by a certain date?


Once a package leaves HobbyLink Japan it is in the hands of the postal service or courier for delivery. We cannot guarantee arrival times, but here are some helpful tips:

  • Count backwards on your calendar from the date you need to have the item. To determine the number of days to count back, start with the maximum number of days shown on our shipping information page for the type of shipping you will be using. Then, add two weeks (14 days) to that. For example, if using SAL shipping, you would add 6 weeks + 2 weeks for a total of 8 weeks. Therefore, in this case, you would count 8 weeks back from the date you need to have the item. Make a note of the date you reach by counting backward.

  • If today's date is still before the date you reached by counting backward, and your item is in stock, then go ahead and place your order. If not, it's unlikely that we can get the item to you in time, even if it is currently in stock.

  • If your calculation ends on today’s date, check the stock status of the item on its product page. If it’s in stock (including "low stock") then go ahead and place your order. Under normal circumstances, the item should reach you in time. 

Please note that even if you take these precautions before ordering, HobbyLink Japan cannot guarantee delivery of an item by or before any particular date. Once an item has left our warehouse, delivery times are unfortunately out of our control.

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