My package is missing


First, please see expected shipping times. This will give you a good idea of how long a package normally takes to arrive. Also, be sure to keep in mind that these times are the number of days from the time we ship your order, not the time you place your order.

Before you contact us about a missing package, please allow twice the maximum number of days shown on our shipping times page. In addition, you may wish to contact your local post office and see if your package isn't being held for you. Often times, packages are held for customs reasons, or because they won't fit in your mail box. In those cases, the mail carrier will leave a postcard informing you of this, but those sometimes go astray.

In the meantime, check the online tracking if your package was shipped by DHL Express, FedEx Economy, or postal service EMS.

Please note that SAL shipping does not have a tracking number and is not trackable. If you want a trackable shipping method, please choose EMS, DHL Express, or FedEx Economy.

If you have waited more than twice the maximum number of days but your order still has not arrived, please follow the steps below:

  1. Check with your local post office, or with DHL or FedEx if your package was shipped that way. Often, the post office (or customs officials in some countries) will send you a postcard informing you that your package has arrived. If you didn't receive this postcard for some reason, your package may just be sitting at the post office waiting for you.

  2. Check to make sure that the shipping address you sent to us is correct (you can do this by checking the order confirmation notice our server sends you after you place an order). A simple typing error there can cause huge problems!

  3. If you've moved recently, make sure you left a forwarding address with your previous post office.

  4. Make sure that a family member or co-worker (if you had your order shipped to work) didn't receive your package and then forget to tell you about it.

If all of these steps fail to turn up your package, then please contact us and we'll work out a solution for you.

Please Note: 28 days must pass from the time an EMS order was shipped before a postal trace can be performed.

If the recommended time has elapsed and you still have not received your package, please contact us as soon as possible. The postal service will not search for a package if it was shipped more than six months ago. If you fail to contact us within six months from the day your order was shipped, or contact us more than six months after your package shipped after we asked that you contact us by an earlier date if your package had not reached you, we regret that it will be impossible for us to assist you.

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