My order was damaged in shipping


If you take delivery of an obviously crushed, punctured or wet package, the first course of action is to take photos. If at all possible, take a photo of the delivery agent (driver) with the package. Then, do a careful inspection of your merchandise. If the damage is limited to the outer box of the product (such as a crushed corner or bent lid) and the actual product is undamaged, we ask that you grin and bear it if at all possible (this doesn't happen very often).

However, if the actual product has been harmed, then take more photos to document the problem, and write to us with your photos within 10 days of receiving the item. We will arrange to supply you with replacement parts or a new item (at our discretion) at no charge. In some cases we may request that you return the damaged item to us, but in these cases we will credit you for the postage cost you paid to do so. In cases where replacement merchandise is not available, we will refund some or all of your purchase price of the item, depending on its condition.

In addition, if you ordered a large item that was shipped by "parcel" class (i.e. there was a light green shipping label stuck to the box that has "Postal Parcel" printed at the top), then you are entitled to compensation from the post office of at least 8,620 yen, but no more than 21,710 yen, depending on the weight of the parcel. You do not need to have insured your package to receive this compensation. Exact procedures vary by country, but you should start by taking your order and the shipping box to your local post office, showing them the damage, and starting the procedure to file a damage claim. If you happen to take delivery of your package from your mail carrier in person, and there is obvious damage, ask him/her to witness your opening the box, and get the carrier's name to bolster your claim.

If you took delivery by DHL or FedEx and the package is damaged, make sure that in addition to photos, you consult with the delivery driver at the time you receive the package to make sure they indicate in their system that the box was damaged. If that is not possible, call your local DHL or FedEx office and follow their instructions. If you cannot reach a successful resolution with them, contact us.

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