My order was damaged in shipping


If you receive a damaged box from your mail carrier in person, if possible, take a photo of your mail carrier or delivery agent (driver) with the package. Ask your mail carrier to witness your opening the box, and get the carrier's name. Consult with the carrier at the time you receive the package to make sure they take note that the package was damaged before it was delivered. 

Then, please take photos of the shipping box before opening it. Next, open your box and carefully inspect your merchandise. If only your product packaging has been damaged (such as a crushed corner or bent lid) and the actual product is undamaged, we will unfortunately not be able to offer compensation. HobbyLink Japan is unable to guarantee mint-condition product packaging on arrival.

If the actual product has been damaged, please take detailed photos of the damage and send them to us within 10 days of receiving the package. At our discretion, we may be able to accept a return of the merchandise, offer compensation, or replace the item. Please see Section 7 of our Terms and Conditions for details.

If your shipping method includes insurance, you may be entitled to compensation from your post office or courier. To find if your shipping method includes insurance, please see our shipping information page. You do not need extra insurance on your package to receive this compensation. Please take your shipping box and merchandise to your local post office for assistance in filing a damage claim, or call your local DHL or FedEx office for more information.

If you cannot reach a successful resolution with your post office or courier, contact us.

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