Which handling method should I use?


If you select the order handling method "Ship Now," the available in stock item(s) in your order will be shipped immediately. Any items in your order that are not immediately available will ship out automatically once they come in stock. Shipping costs are separate for each shipment.

For your best chance to have items ship together, please select "Private Warehouse" as the order handling method. That way, items will become visible in Private Warehouse as they get paid for, and can be combined for shipping as you like for up to 60 days.

A paid item can stay in your Private Warehouse for up to 60 days after its allocation to you. You're welcome to combine it for shipping with other paid items that enter your Private Warehouse during that time.

Please understand that if Private Warehouse's 60-day clock runs out, shipment of items in Private Warehouse for longer than 60 days is an automated process. Time extensions are unfortunately not possible.

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