How do I cancel an order?


Before cancelling any order, we recommend seeing our cancellation policy for full details about cancellations.

We ask that customers place orders only for merchandise they are sure they want to buy, and keep cancellations to a minimum. Orders which have not been paid for can be cancelled within reason. However, orders in shipping processing can unfortunately not be cancelled.

If your order has not been billed:

  • Log in to your HLJ account and click "Order History" on the left-hand side of the page. Click "Open orders" and then "View and Edit" for the order you wish to change. Lower the quantity of the item, or cancel it entirely by clicking the red "x" button, then be sure to click the blue "Save changes" button. Please note that changes such as these may take up to ten minutes to update in your account. 

If your order has a payment error:

  • First, please ensure that payment will not clear on your order. Then, contact us for a customer service representative to cancel your order.

If payment has cleared on your order:

  • Private Warehouse orders: Please see our cancellation policy, and contact us for assistance with a return.
  • Ship Now orders: Cancellations are unfortunately not possible. However, we can accept a return once your merchandise reaches you. Please see our returns policy for more information.


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