Standard International Shipping (usually ships by SAL)


The Standard Int'l Shipping rate shown is the cost to ship the item via standard postal service shipping methods (SAL Small Packet class if available to your country, or Airmail Small Packet class if your country cannot receive SAL class). This shipping method does not have a tracking number, and is not trackable. It is also not possible to print a phone number on the label for this shipping method - in order for your phone number to be printed, please select a tracked shipping method. Also, please note that:

  • Any item or combination of items over 2 kilograms in weight, over 90cm in the combined height x length x width measurement, or over 15,000 yen in value will be shipped by a trackable method, even if you request Standard International shipping. While this may cost slightly more, the better handling and trackability is justified when shipping very valuable orders. In general, there will not even be a choice shown for Standard International Shipping during checkout or in the Private Warehouse if any one of the three limits mentioned above are exceeded. 
  • The exact method used to ship your order may vary by country, depending on service availability.
  • Again, this method does not have a tracking number and is not trackable. 
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    Danny Tam

    how about a postage calculator so international buyers don't get surprised by a huge postage price that costs more then the item itself

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    Aaron Miller

    Hi, Danny,

    We do currently have a feature like this -- you can check shipping estimates by putting items in your shopping cart. (Select your country from the drop-down menu if needed.) Final shipping costs will be shown as you go through the checkout process.

    Unfortunately, we can't provide shipping estimates for any preorder items, as we have to weight and measure items in their final packaging when they arrive in stock. For these items, we do wait to inform customers of the shipping charges in order to provide fair and accurate shipping charges.

    If you're ever concerned about the potential shipping cost for an item you have preordered, you can choose the Private Warehouse handling method to avoid paying shipping charges upfront when an item arrives!

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    Joseph Eugene

    I want to clarify this...

    Upon the arrival of shipment in the post office here in Philippines using SAL, is there anything I need to pay in our post office?

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    Aaron Miller

    Hi, Joseph,

    Any fees that are collected by your local post office would be import duties levied by your government. Please see this article in our Help Center for a little more information:

    We always recommend contacting your local post office or customs office for detailed information about how taxes are determined in your country.