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This stock status means that we do not have stock here, but have ordered more from our suppliers. Order if you would like to get the item too, since we may only get enough to cover existing orders. Restocking dates for backordered items are unknown unless otherwise stated.

Unlike most online stores, at HobbyLink Japan we give our customers the ability to order items that are not currently available. So if an item that you're looking for has the stock status "Backordered" or Out of Stock" in our online catalog, that doesn't mean "not available." It means there are currently no pieces in our warehouse, but if you place an order for it, we'll do our best to get stock for you!

Unlike some mass-produced consumer products, many of the products we carry are produced in very limited batches of a few hundred or thousand pieces. Many weeks or months of time can pass between production runs, and many figures and toys are only manufactured once. In addition, items we import into Japan may only be restocked once every few months. So we frequently see products become unavailable for a long time although we know that new stock will be available at some point in the future. That's why we allow customers to order "Backordered" and "Out of Stock" items. We'll watch those orders for them for as long as it takes to get them the merchandise!

In some cases, of course, additional stock may not ever become available, and if that happens we'll send you an email with the bad news as soon as we learn it. But we strongly recommend that customers go ahead and place orders for items, regardless of their stock status, because we'll do everything we can to get it for you if at all possible.

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