Order Stop


The stock status "Order Stop" means we have taken all the orders we think we will be able to fill for these items, but there is still a chance we may be able to secure more stock, so we have temporarily stopped accepting new orders until we can confirm that. If we can get more stock, orders will be reopened. If we cannot get more stock, the item will go to "Discontinued" status.

(NOTE: Previously placed orders are not affected. We just aren't taking new orders! )

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    Tony Russell

    I placed an order on an item yesterday and today the product changed to "Order Stop", but it also says that for the order status in my account. Does this mean my order is likely on hold or it just says that because the product itself is on order stop?

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    Aaron Miller

    Hi Tony! The stock status in your account is just a reflection of the stock status on the item page -- so your order is still safe with us, we just aren't taking any new orders. Hope this helps!