The stock status "Discontinued" means we do not have any stock, and currently cannot get any more stock of the item from our suppliers or the manufacturer, so are not accepting orders for the item. It is no longer available, and we know of no plans for a reissue. That doesn't mean there won't be a reissue in the future! There's always hope. But for now, there is no information. 

If you have an order on file with us for a discontinued item, your order has not been cancelled! If you already have an order for a discontinued item, please allow 24 hours for your payment method to be billed. If more than 24 hours pass and your order has not been billed, please contact us for more information about your order.

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    Clarise Myburgh

    Hi, I've recently ordered the Ciel Phantomhive cu-poche(paid as well) and ordered Sebastian too(when it was out of stock and then backordered). Ciel is in my private warehouse as of now and since Sebastian is now discontinued I'm frightened that he wont be available in the next 40 days hence that items in the private warehouse can only be kept for 60 days untill automatically shipped. I was hoping to ship them both at the same time. I do hope the Sebastian cu-poche is in stock again very soon!

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    Mark Kutsugi

    Hi, Clarise-

    Due to security constraints, if you could please e-mail us with any order-specific questions at support@hlj.com, writing from the e-mail account you registered for your HLJ account, our customer service team will be glad to help. Thanks!