Where are my e-mails?


If you think you should have received an e-mail from us that you haven't received, please take the following steps to make sure you're able to receive e-mail from us:

  1. Double-check the e-mail address associated with your HLJ.com account, in case your e-mails are being sent to another address.

  2. Check your spam folder for any missing e-mails.

  3. Check your spam and filter settings, and make sure to "whitelist" (allow e-mails from) addresses @hlj.com.

  4. Make sure there is space in your inbox to receive incoming messages.

  5. If you use a mail client, make sure that there is space in your inbox on your mail server -- not just in your client inbox -- to receive incoming messages.

  6. Check with your e-mail provider or Internet Service Provider to make sure our e-mails can get through to you.

  7. If problems persist after all of these steps have been taken, you may want to consider using a different e-mail provider for your account on hlj.com.

If you did not receive an urgent e-mail that was sent, please contact customer support as soon as possible for a copy.

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