Gift Wrapping Now Available!


Getting an item for someone special and need it wrapped? Let HLJ do the gift wrapping for you!

By purchasing one of our gift bags and placing it in your shipment order, our packing team will know to place the other items in your order inside the gift bag.

Largest Bag Size:
42cm tall to the ribbon
45cm wide
12cm thick

How does it work for a Private Warehouse order?
1) Order a gift bag and choose “Private Warehouse” handling
2) The gift bag will enter your Private Warehouse
3) Create a Private Warehouse shipment that includes the gift bag, as well as the items you want placed in the gift bag
4) All items in the shipment order will be placed inside the bag (as long as they fit)*

How does it work for a Ship Now order?
1) Order a gift bag along with other in stock items you want wrapped
2) All items in the order will be placed inside the bag (as long as they fit)*


*Bag size will be selected based on the contents of your order. Our largest gift bag can fit up to 3 standard HG kits, or 1 MG kit along with a standard HG kit or other small items, depending on their size.

Please note that if your item is too large to fit in the gift bag, the bag will be included with your shipment, folded separate from the item. If you order multiple items that can’t all fit in the gift bag, then we will fit as many items in the gift bag as possible, and set the remaining items in your box, separate from the bag.

See our gift bag options.

For customers planning to ship from their Private Warehouse to a friend.

If you have an questions, please contact us at and we'll be happy to help!

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