FedEx is requesting a TSCA or other form. What do I do?


Occasionally shipments from FedEx will require additional paperwork before your order can be delivered. 

The most common type of form is a Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Certification for addressees located in the USA. This paperwork is required by the US Customs Office, usually for shipments including ink or some non-toxic paints (such as Gundam Markers).

If your package is on hold or if FedEx contacts you regarding a TSCA form, fill out the following link:

  1. Fill out the date and the tracking (waybill) number of your order.
  2. Check off "Negative Certification"
  3. Include any relevant information such as certifier name (yourself), certifier phone number, email address, and signature.
  4. List any items that may contain chemicals. If you are unsure, you can include all the items in the package (you can check your "Shipping Notice" email for reference).
  5. Send a copy to your local FedEx representative and wait for your package to arrive!

Please note that if you do not file the requested paperwork in time, your package may be returned to us or discarded. FedEx packages tend to incur high return fees which will need to be invoiced to you upon the delivery of the package back to HLJ. We kindly suggest contacting FedEx as soon as possible to avoid any costly fees.

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