Ship Now


Ship Now is most similar to the shipping options on other retail websites. By using Ship Now, your currently in-stock items will be billed for shipping when your order enters payment processing. So as soon as you’re billed and payment clears, your order will go straight into shipping processing. It’s that simple!

How It Works

With Ship Now, once you place an order for your items, you can sit back and wait for your items to arrive! You won’t have to take any extra action to get your order paid and shipped out to you.

When you’re billed for your Ship Now order, you’ll be charged for your in-stock, on-site merchandise and the shipping cost for that merchandise, all at once.

Shipping For In-Stock Items

Any in-stock, on-site items that are in your Ship Now order will be billed to you within 24 hours of your order. As soon as payment clears, the order will enter shipping processing and then ship out to you.

This means that if an order contains items with different release dates or stock statuses, only your available items will be separated to ship out to you immediately. Any unavailable items will remain on file in your account until they’re available.

If separate in-stock orders with the same shipping method are available at the same time, we will automatically combine those orders for shipping. If you need to be certain to keep orders separate, please use our Private Warehouse handling method.

Since all in-stock items will be processed immediately, orders for multiple pieces of a single "In Stock" item may be shipped with fewer than the number you ordered if there is not enough stock to fill the entire order at once. The in-stock portion of the order will be processed while the remainder will become a separate open order which will be processed once the stock comes in.

Example: You order 3 of a certain "In Stock" item, but we only have two in stock. Those two would be processed immediately while the third would be processed once we get more stock of the item.

For the best chance of keeping multiple quantities of the same item together with shipping, please use the Private Warehouse handling method instead.

Shipping For Preorder/Restock/Backordered Items

Preorder, restock, backordered, or other items that aren’t immediately available for your order won’t ship right away. However, you can still use this handling method for these items, which will then be billed and ship immediately upon their arrival into stock.

If an order contains a mixture of available and unavailable items, items will be split into separate orders for shipping as they become available. Individual items or full orders cannot be held until the full order is in stock. If you’d prefer to hold items to ship together, we recommend using the Private Warehouse handling method.

Changing or Cancelling Ship Now Orders

Please refer to our guide for making changes to orders, and to our returns and cancellations policies for cancelling or returning orders.

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