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Started in 1995, HLJ is an Internet mail-order business located in Japan which ships hobby products, toys, anime items, books, magazines and more to customers all over the world, straight from Japan. HLJ was started by Scott T. Hards. While living in Japan, Scott noticed that the great hobby products available there were either too expensive or not available at all overseas. So in 1995, he started a business to ship hobby products around the world from Japan at domestic prices.

Since then, HobbyLink Japan has grown steadily, and expanded its catalog offerings to include many items from Europe, North America and around Asia, too! We currently have a full-time staff of nearly 100 people.

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    You inspired me and I mentioned HLJ in my Master Degree work.Good article yet there should be more info/pictures.Cheers!

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    Mun Sang Fong