Import Duty and Tax


Customers in most countries will usually have to pay some import duty and possibly other fees. Any import duty or customs fees would be charged by your government, not by HobbyLink Japan. Your post office should be able to give you the details on the conditions under which import duty or customs fees are charged.

Duty and fees vary greatly from country to country. However, advantages in our selection and prices in most cases mean it's still cheaper to buy from HLJ and pay duties than to search locally.

Please note that any customs duties and fees are the responsibility of the customer, and are not included in the cost of shipping.

Failure to pay fees or provide documents requested for importation will result in the package being sent back to us. In cases of DHL and FedEx packages, the shipment may instead be discarded. Discarded shipments are not eligible for refunds.

Customers in the USA

If your order ships by FedEx, you may be required by Customs to submit a free TSCA form for some ink-related items, however. Please see this page for more details.

If your order exceeds $1000 USD, your shipment may require customs duty. Click here for more information.

Customers in the Canada

If your order ships by FedEx, you may be required to pay additional tax fees prior to delivery. Please click here for more information.

Customers in Mexico

Mexican Customs may require something called a "Sanitary Permit," which must be obtained and provided by the customer.

Customers in Australia

As of July 1st 2018, the 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) is now pre-collected on orders under A$1000 addressed to Australia. If your order is over A$1000, GST will be collected at the border. In the event that you have been charged GST for your order over A$1000 please contact us at along with supporting documentation showing that you have paid GST at the border and we will refund you the pre-collected tax amount.

Customers in New Zealand

Starting in December 1st 2019, the 15% Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be pre-collected by HobbyLink Japan on orders under NZ$1000 addressed to New Zealand. 

Customers in Norway

A value added tax (VAT) of 25% will be pre-collected by HobbyLink Japan. HLJ's registered VOEC number will be included on the label of any shipments to Norway.

Shipping Labels

The full value of your purchase will be displayed on your package’s shipping label, and all packages will be marked as commercial shipments. There are no exceptions. False customs declarations are a crime, so HobbyLink Japan cannot comply with requests to undervalue or mislabel packages.

FedEx Customs Bills

When FedEx imports your products for you, you may owe import duties and other taxes on that delivery depending on where you live. Unlike the post office, FedEx does not force you to pay those fees before they give you your package. Instead, they pay the fees for you, and then bill you later. This bill will need to be paid to FedEx, just as you would pay the post office or their delivery agent for import duties or other taxes on delivery.

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