Most of our prices are discounted 10 to 20% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price for the item in Japan. On our sales page, you can find hundreds of more deeply discounted items as well. Nothing is priced higher than its standard retail price here, even if it's a rare product. Shopping through HLJ's web site is just like getting on a plane and shopping in Japan -- you are paying the same prices that people here in Japan pay (not counting shipping, of course), but you don't have to pay Japanese sales tax (unless you actually do live in Japan)!

Please note that sale prices are not retroactive. An item's price is the price that is listed on its page in our online catalog at the time you order it. (If an item goes on sale before your order enters payment processing, you are certainly welcome to cancel the item, and then make a new order for it at the sale price. If an item goes on sale after the order has entered payment processing, though, please accept our apologies for the unfortunate timing.)


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