[Month] Release (Preorder)


Used for preorders, this stock status shows "(Month) Release"; for example, "May Release" means the item is expected to be released in the month of May (we don't mean maybe!). These items are not expected to be in stock until the month shown, but can be ordered now. Since sizes and weights are not known, shipping estimates cannot be shown for these items. 


The way preorders are acquired depends on the item. For some items, the manufacturer provides us with a clear number of how many pieces they can receive orders for - they let us know this number the day we begin taking orders for the item, so we make note of this in our system. When we’ve accepted that number of orders the items’ stock status automatically becomes “Order Stop” and we don’t take any further orders over that limit.

For other items, the manufacturer lets us know that the number of pieces they produce will be based on the number of orders they receive from us and any other retailers who accept orders for their products. If that’s the case, we’ll keep accepting orders and conveying them to the manufacturer regularly so they’re aware of the demand for the item.

Both of these systems typically work fine for us here at HLJ and the manufacturers, and for the large majority of items we receive the correct amount of stock to fill all of the orders we’ve received. However, it’s unfortunately a possibility that due to circumstances outside of our control (some examples include a lower than expected production run due to a large number of quality control issues with an item, or extremely unprecedented demand for an item which a manufacturer wasn’t able to keep up with) we may not receive enough stock to fill all orders. In those cases we fill all the orders we can in exact chronological order, and do everything we can to source additional stock before cancelling any unfulfilled order(s).

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