What is Private Warehouse?


HLJ’s Private Warehouse: Simplify Your Orders and Save on Shipping!

Are you an avid collector of action figures, model kits, and other hobby goods? Have you ever found yourself hesitating to place an order due to the high shipping costs? Look no further! HobbyLink Japan is excited to introduce you to our Private Warehouse system, a convenient and cost-effective way to manage and ship your orders.

What is the Private Warehouse?

HLJ’s Private Warehouse is a unique feature that allows you to accumulate items from multiple orders in one convenient location. Instead of having each order shipped separately, you can store your purchases in your Private Warehouse until you’re ready to have them shipped together. This not only saves you money on shipping fees but also gives you greater control over when and how you receive your items.

How Does It Work?

  • Add Items to Your Private Warehouse:
    • When placing an order on HLJ, you have the option to add the items to your Private Warehouse instead of shipping them immediately. Simply select “Private Warehouse” as the shipping method during checkout.
  • Store Multiple Orders:
    • As you make subsequent orders, you can continue to choose the Private Warehouse option. All items from different orders will be accumulated in your Private Warehouse until you’re ready to have them shipped together.
  • Consolidate and Save:
    • Once you have several items in your Private Warehouse and are ready to receive them, you can consolidate the orders into one shipment. This means you pay for shipping only once, saving significantly on shipping costs compared to separate shipments.
  • Shipping Flexibility:
    • You have the flexibility to ship all items together or select specific items from your Private Warehouse for shipping. It’s entirely up to you! Just head to your Private Warehouse, choose the items you want to ship, and proceed to checkout.

Key Benefits of the Private Warehouse:

  • Cost Savings:
    • By consolidating your orders into one shipment, you save on shipping fees, making your hobby collecting more affordable in the long run.
  • Order Flexibility:
    • Place orders whenever you find items you love, without worrying about immediate shipping. Store them in your Private Warehouse and ship them when it’s most convenient for you.
  • Secure Storage:
    • Your items are kept safe and secure in our warehouse until you decide to ship them. No need to worry about losing track of your orders.
  • Convenient Management:
    • The Private Warehouse makes it easy to manage your orders in one place. You can keep track of your stored items, choose when to ship, and even add new orders to the warehouse as you please.
  • Combine with Pre-orders:
    • If you’ve made a pre-order for an item with a later release date, you can store it in your Private Warehouse and ship it together with other in-stock items, avoiding separate shipping fees.

Get Started with Your Private Warehouse Today!

To access your Private Warehouse, simply log in to your HLJ account and navigate to the “Private Warehouse” section in your account dashboard. From there, you can manage your stored items and proceed to consolidate and ship when you’re ready.

At HLJ, we strive to provide the best shopping experience for hobby enthusiasts worldwide. The Private Warehouse is just one of the many features we offer to make your collecting journey smoother, more efficient, and cost-effective.

If you have any questions or need assistance with our Private Warehouse system, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer support team. We’re here to help you get the most out of your hobby passion!

Happy collecting and enjoy your Private Warehouse experience with HLJ!

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