Updating Your Account Information


Your payment method, and payment currency are account-wide. Any changes made to this information will apply to every order, except those for which you’ve received a payment received email notification.

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Changing Your Name

Your HLJ account is intended for your own use. As a result, we're afraid it is not possible to change the name on your HLJ account through your HLJ account.

If your name has been legally changed, or if there is a mistake or typo in the name registered in your account, please contact us for assistance. Please note that we may ask you to verify your identity before responding to such requests.

If you need to ship to someone else, please sign in to your HLJ account and change the name on the registered address in your Address Book. 

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Changing Your Addresses

Just sign in to your HLJ account and use your address book to add, remove, or make changes to addresses.


Please note that shipping address for any given order is locked when you place your order, or once you create a Private Warehouse shipment. As a result, any changes made to your address after an order has been placed, or a Private Warehouse shipment is created, will not be reflected on the shipping label for your package. Due to this, please be sure to enter the correct shipping address when placing your order or creating a shipment. 

After an order has been shipped, it is not possible to change its shipping address. To receive your package, please contact your local post office directly to make arrangements with them. Please see our shipping methods overview for details.

Please be sure to enter your address using the English alphabet (A-Z). Accented characters and characters from other languages, such as those used in Cyrillic alphabets, may not display or print correctly and could result in your package being returned to us.

Customers residing in Japan may use Japanese characters for their addresses.

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Changing Your Email Address

Just sign in to your HLJ account and access the Account Information area.


Click the box next to “Change Email” to see your email settings. Enter your new email address and password in the boxes provided, and click “Save Changes.”

Please note that HobbyLink Japan manages only one e-mail address at a time per customer. To avoid confusion and aid in customer identification, we recommend that you contact us from your currently registered email address.

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