How much will shipping cost?



Shipping estimates are shown in the shopping cart for available In Stock items which can be shipped by our Ship Now order handling method. If you are purchasing items with Private Warehouse selected, you'll be able to see shipping costs in your Private Warehouse after we've received your payment for them. 


Again, you can easily check shipping estimates for available In Stock items by putting items in your shopping cart. (Select your country from the drop-down menu in the cart if needed.) There is no need to complete checkout to see these estimates. 

Please note that if you are placing an order for In Stock items which will ship immediately at the same time as you are ordering already released items that cannot ship immediately (i.e. items with the stock status In Stock 3-5 Days, Backordered(Month) Release, or Out of Stock), the shipping cost shown will be for all of the items in your order. However, your ordered items will only ship for that amount if you ship the items together by selecting Private Warehouse. Please be sure to select Private Warehouse in order to combine items for shipping at the price you are shown in the cart. 

You will see the final definitive shipping costs (not estimates) for shippable items once you enter the checkout process. 


The rates shown on the web site are not necessarily a direct quote of postal service or courier charges, per se, but rather the rates charged by HobbyLink Japan to you to effect delivery of your package. These rates reflect not only the shipping fees we pay (which may be discounted by service providers because of our volume), but handling charges and packaging costs, too.

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    Zam Hendrick

    Where do you ship the package? Do you directly deliver it to the customer or to the port and let the customer pick it up?

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    Aaron Miller

    Hi Zam,

    We will ship to the address you provide in your account on . However, delivery is determined by your local postal service or courier. We recommend getting in touch with your local postal carrier for details about receiving international shipments.